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Lowest Price 
 We have the lowest factory price, very competitive, or say, excellent quality and reasonable price.
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We will quickly dealing with your message in 24 hours, and timely producing and shipping
Free Samples 
Contact us to acquire free samples for reference, we ensure consistent sample and final goods
Free Install Guide
We provide installation guide services to solve your installation, connection, cut off the wire and so on


Our main and major products are:Various of Hot-dipped Galvanized Iron Wire,
such as Galvanized Redrawing Wire


Technical Support
Have rich experience, advanced technology and reliable quality
Good reputation
We are honest, serious, and good credit, have good reputation at home and abroad.
Rich Experience

We have a lot of customers and project cases in the world.
Company Size
We have over 400 staffs and over 180000 ft2 factory


Anping County Tianze Metal Products Co.,Ltd. Is an enterprise engaged in manufacturing,processing as well as trading various kinds of iron wire mesh,and owns the advanced wire-drawing,galvanizing and net-weaving equipments,it covers an area of 150,000㎡.
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  • [Knowledge] Razor wire production process

    The  blade  barbed  wire  machine,  also  known  as  blade  barbed  wire  and  blade  barbed  wire,  is  a  new  kind  of  protective  net.  It  has  excellent  features  such  as  beautiful,  economical  and  practical,  good  resistance  to  resistance,  construction  and  lunch,  etc.  It  has  been  widely  used  in  industrial  and  mining  e Read More

  • galvanized gabion net

    The  galvanized  gabion  net  is  an  eco-grid  structure  that  is  mechanically  woven  from  highly  corrosion-resistant,  high-strength,  ductile  low-carbon  steel  wire.The  galvanized  gabion  cage  is  filled  inside  the  gabion  net,  and  it  is  filled  with  weather-resistant  hard  stones.  It  will  not  be  broken  quickly  d Read More

  • What is a gabion ?

    A  gabion  is  a  netted  (wire  mesh)  box  filled  with  aggregate  material  -  compatible  with  the  size  of  the  net  mesh  -  serving  as  gravity  units  forming  retaining  structures.  It  provides  a  way  to  include  this  small  size  and  multiple  sizes  of  aggregate  which  cannot  be  used  to  construct  gravity  retaining  walls  of  the  masonry  type.  When  such  materials  are  put  together  and  “contained”,  they  are  all  intended  to  satisfy  their  gravitational  effect  efficiently  and  economically. Read More

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